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Discover bottlenecks and delays

At Gold Star Analysis, we use process-mapping methodology to decipher the main and sub-processes then verify our findings against data and experiences of key employees. This method can be used to track products, bills, call traffic, bookings and many more.

The quality and efficiency of existing processes often change as the dynamics between staff, customer behaviour, organisational growth and technology vary. While one department may be managing its processes and efficiency well, meeting targets and improving KPIs, mapping an aerial view of cross-functional processes across an organisation is a valuable exercise to accurately understand your customers’ experiences.

We identify correlations between data sets, analyse employee feedback, review customer records and surveys and also by investigating the ‘negative stats’ such as unpaid accounts, fault resolutions and ‘other’ data labels.

Bottlenecks and cross-functional delays are discovered as restricted capacity in one team affects the entire departmental performance. Root cause analysis determines the reasons for process irregularities from which change ideas are developed.

Charting and documenting processes and procedures provide our clients with visual and analytical evidence of process delays and inefficiencies and areas of focus for investment or reduction of resources.